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Do you think your child was wrongly diagnosed with Autism? It might be Self-stimulatory behaviour.

Do you think your child was wrongly diagnosed with Autism? It might be Self-stimulatory behaviour.

Autism, or ASD –

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a complex developmental disorder associated with the well-known symptoms of social and communication difficulties, self- stimulatory and repetitive behavior, and narrow or overly-focused interests.

Explore our Autism Spectrum treatment in Hyderabad. These symptoms result from underlying challenges in a child’s ability to take in the world through his senses, and to use his body and thoughts to respond to it. When these challenges are significant, they interfere with a child’s ability to grow and learn, and may lead to a diagnosis of autism.

Because these symptoms are common to many other developmental disorders, sometimes children are mistakenly diagnosed with Autism, when in fact they have other problems.

The following are some symptoms that point towards Autism:

Relating and Emotion

– A tendency to avoid interaction – difficulty paying attention – limited eye contact with others – repetitive statements, play, or behaviors – failure to develop pretend play – intense fears about ordinary objects, activities or events


– Problems following simple directions – echolalia, or repeating what has just been said – difficulty making needs and desires known by gestures, words or play

Regulatory and Sensory-Motor

– Difficulty dealing with changes in environment – avoidance of hugs or light touch – does not point to show you things – poor coordination – “self-stimulatory” behaviors: spinning, hand flapping, head banging.

As is evident from this list above, it is not easy to diagnose Autism, and requires the help of experienced Child Psychologists who over several sessions spent closely observing a child will be able to diagnose the problem correctly and plan the appropriate treatment in conjunction with a Speech Therapist and an Occupational Therapist. If you’re seeking assistance, consider reaching out to reputable autism centers in Hyderabad for comprehensive support and intervention.

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