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Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral therapy is a psychological approach that focuses on modifying maladaptive behaviors by addressing their underlying causes. It is effective in treating a variety of behavioral issues as well as Intellectual Developmental Disabilities like Autism, ADHD and more. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a widely used behavioral therapy for individuals with Autism.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is a therapeutic intervention designed to help individuals with communication and speech disorders. Speech therapists work on production of speech sounds, improving vocabulary, sentence structure, and the ability to convey thoughts. Speech Therapists also help individuals enhance their comprehension skills.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy (OT) focuses on improving skills related to fine motor skills, gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination and and overall physical abilities.
OT also helps in Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), such as bathing, dressing, grooming, eating, and toileting.
Occupational therapists use sensory integration techniques to help regulate sensory processing.

Our Team

Multi-Disciplinary Experts

The Centre is managed by a diverse team of experts who are highly qualified from reputed institutes with vast experience.

Our core team

Occupational Therapists

Speech Therapists




Special Educators

Our Approach

Your child is our center of attention. We pay particular attention in laying a strong foundation for the holistic development of the child focusing on cognitive, language, motor and social skills.

Integrated Development Program

This is our flagship program which is designed for the highest impact on cognitive, language and motor development of a child. This is a multi- disciplinary approach designed in collaboration with three therapists: A Psychologist, A Speech Therapist and An Occupational Therapist.

This program has helped scores of children with Autism, Speech disorders and Developmental delays to reach the developmental milestones in the earliest possible time.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you notice any delay in the development of cognitive, speech, social or motor skills of your child then you should visit a child development center. Early intervention is crucial for better outcomes, especially in children with speech and language disorders. It is recommended that the earlier you seek therapy the better will be the outcome.

In a child development center like Shaping CDC, we have a multi-disciplinary team of experts including Child Psychologists, Behavior Therapists, Speech Therapists and Occupational Therapists.

As a first step, we thoroughly assess a child and prepare a comprehensive therapy program to treat and meet the child’s milestones.

At Shaping CDC we offer individual attention and holistic care that lays a strong foundation to last a lifetime.

Yes, we do. You can consult our experts from anywhere in the world, sitting at your home.

You can also book your appointment via WhatsApp.

Shaping CDC is the trusted healthcare provider for developmental disorders in Hyderabad. We have a multi-disciplinary team of experts including Child Psychologists, Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Nutritionists.

We address a wide range of conditions including Autism Spectrum Disorders, Speech Disorders, Learning Disability, ADHD, Child Psychology and many more conditions in the realm of intellectual developmental disorders.

Shaping CDC is the top child development centers in Hyderabad as our tailored therapy programs yield early and tangible results.


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