• Is your child diagnosed with
    Autism? It may not be Autism
    but Self-stimulatory behaviour.

    Take our assessment to know
    the difference.

  • Is your child stubborn,
    aggressive and does not obey
    parents or teachers.Or has
    socially unacceptable

    Our behavior modification
    program is designed specially
    to address these issues.

  • Does your child have
    handwriting and learning
    issues.It could be a problem

    We have designed special
    training modules to cater to
    these issues.

  • Welcome to Shaping,helping
    children grow and develop to
    their full potential.

Shaping is an ambassador for Early Childhood Development programs. We aim to offer the most effective intervention strategies for the cognitive, language and motor development of young children.

At shaping your child is our center of attention. We use every resource: the therapists, tools, infrastructure to enable every child succeed.

Our core strengths

Integrated Development Program

This is our flagship program which is designed for the highest impact on cognitive, language and motor development of a child. This is a multi- disciplinary approach designed in collaboration with three therapists: A Psychologist, A Speech Therapist and An Occupational Therapist.

This program has helped scores of children to reach the developmental milestones in the earliest possible time.

These three departments work in unison for the holistic development of the children under our care.